Warren County Iowa Genealogical Society



    Photos from Lacy Cemetery Near Milo

    (Photos taken by Marieta Grissom)


    Catherine Brady   Catherine Brady (Died Jan 21, 1861)

    Elizabeth Brady       Elizabeth BradyElizabeth Brady (Died Sept 10, 1881)

    Florence Dunn  Florence Dunn (1859-1868)

    Laura Chittenden   Laura Chittenden (Died April 9, 1875)

    Mary Bryant   Mary J. Bryant (Died June 24, 1873)

    Nancy Dunn   Nancy Dunn (1836-1869)

    Sarah Jinkins   Sarah Jinkins (Died Sept 18, 1871)

    James Williams  James E. Williams (Died Aug 12, 1871)

    Frances Allen   Frances Allen   Frances Allen (Died July 8, 1866)

    George Tucker   George Tucker (1825-1871)

    George Chittendon   George Chittenden (1802-1882)

    Hester Alexander   Hester Alexander (1824-1868)

    John Long   John Long   John Long (1818-1882)

    John Sandy    John Sandy (Died July 4, 1866)

    John Williams  John Williams (Died Nov 27, 1872)

    Unknown  Unknown (Could be Elizabeth Sandy)

       More photos can be found at findagrave.com