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    Our Mission -  A resource for members and friends who are working to discover their family history through local, national, and international research.

    Our Website - A resource for anyone who is researching their Warren County ancestors.

    Our Facebook Page - A resource for anyone with information to share, for queries, and announcements or events.

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    The Genealogical Society is considering merging with the Warren County Historical Society. Many people don't realize that they have been two separate organizations for over 30 years. Many of our members belong to both groups. The vote to finalize the merger will take place at the meeting on May 20, 2023. If you have opinions for or against the merger, contact us at wcgs@warrencountygenes.org or contact@warrencountyhistory.org.


    BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Indianola West Side Cemetery book is finally finished! Graves are listed by section and row. An alphabetical index of burials is included. It is 639 pages and the cost will be $70.

    This completes the project of updating the Warren County Cemeteries. Cemeteries are printed on demand and a price list and order information can be found at on our publications page.




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