Having Fun; Keeping Busy

Research Retreats
2015 - Picnic in Indianola Cemetery
2015 - Warren County Fair

Members of the Warren County Genealogical Society are involved in many activities throughout the year in addition to our meetings.

The meeting in June is a picnic held in one of the county cemeteries. Our program for this meeting centers on the history and stories about that particular cemetery.

In July we sponsor the Genealogy booth at the Warren County Fair. Warren County residents and society members gather up their family heirlooms, stories, and create posters which are judged. No great fabulous prizes are awarded, but it is an opportunity to organize some of your information and show it off.

A new tradition was started in 2012. Our October meeting is a "Family History Night." All of our meetings are open to the public but in October we make an effort to create more public interest in genealogy.