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    Carlisle Missionary Baptist Church

    Carlisle Missionary Baptist Church, 615 Highway 5, Carlisle, IA. 50047, (515) 989-3801 http://missionarybaptist-carlisle.com/


    History of the Carlisle Missionary Baptist church was copied from “Data on Warren County Churches” at the State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines, IA, film # War-56 (LDS film # 1034022)

    This church was organized February 20, 1858. The original members were: Malachi ADAMS, M. ADKINS, Ollie ADKINS, Henry BURGETT, Jane BURGETT, John BURGETT, I.B. CHAPMAN, Nervine CHAPMAN, Ephraim FISHER, Thomas ALEXANDER, James MOUNT, Archibald MOUNT, William MAJOR, Susan MAJOR, Daniel STARK, Sarah STARK, Amy DURVEL, A. PEARSON, Rouanna PEARSON, Mary PEARSON, Netty HARGIS, and Eliza HARGIS, B. B. ARNOLD was their first minister. A frame building was built in 1865 at the corner of Third and Elm Street.This served the congregation until the late 1950’s when it needed repairs and additions. At this time a large brick wing and a semi basement room was added. Again this too, no longer provided for the congregation. Land was obtained on Highway 5. A new church was built and dedicated in 1972.

    “Missionary Baptist Church” written by Maxine SPARKS is copied from The History of Warren County, Iowa, compiled by the Warren County Genealogical Society, Curtis Media Corp., Dallas, Texas, 1987, p.165-166

    Missionary Baptist Church was organized in February 1858, with 20 charter members. Meetings were held in the school house with services twice a month. The first sermon was preached by the distinguished John A. NASH, founder of the old Des Moines College and several other Baptist Churches in the area. His text was Luke 9:62. In 1860, the church was built and the work was done by the members, at a cost of $2,000.00. The church was heated by a stove which sat in the center of the room with seats facing it. Women sat on one side of the room and the men on the other. The annex and basement were added to the building in early 1950s. A new church was built on Highway 5 in 1972 costing $100,000.00. The old church was sold to the Christian Church and torn down in the summer of 1972.

    On Wednesday evening, June 23rd, fifty-two member and friends of Missionary Baptist Church participated in the land dedication and ground breaking service on the site where their new church was to be built.

    Pastor Marvin W. DEPENNING, Pastor of Missionary Baptist Church since 1965 was in charge of this service of hymns, scripture, and prayer, and read Jeremiah 1:4-10, presenting the message from these challenging verses.

    Missionary Baptist Church celebrated its 125th Anniversary in February 1983. A verse above the doors graced the original church, and was made of hand carved walnut letters and was used from 1948 until the church moved to its new facility on Highway 5. The scripture verse, King James Version, Revelations 1:5, is mounted for permanent use in the present church.

    During the Centennial “Homecoming Sunday” February 13, 1983, many visitors, former pastors, assistant pastors, and members from near and far were in attendance. Mayor Les LANE expressed congratulations on behalf of the city of Carlisle. U.S. Senator Charles GRASSLEY was present and reminded the church that “We Christians may be a minority in society, but we can have an influence.” Pastor Michael GRIFFIN preached from Proverbs 22:28., “Remove Not the Ancient Landmarks.” The church will be holding “A Burning of the Mortgage” celebration and service this fall, 1986. Pastor David SINCACK is currently serving the church.