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    Indianola Church of the Nazarene

    Indianola Church of the Nazarene, 306 South Howard St., Indianola, IA. 50125, was built in 1956. It later became the Indianola New Hope Chapel. The building was for sale in 2013.


    History of the Church of the Nazarene, written by Joanne OWENS, is copied from The History of Warren County, Iowa, compiled by the Warren County Genealogical Society, Curtis Media Corp., Dallas, Texas, 1987, p.416

    Indianola first became aware of the Nazarene denomination when a tent was pitched and evangelist, Joseph WOLPE, held a revival meeting the summer of 1939. As a result, the Indianola Church of the Nazarene was organized September 17, 1939.

    The newly organized Nazarene began worshipping in tents and homes but soon a store building was rented on the west side of the town square. It was publicized that there was a “live Sunday School class for every age.” Old fashioned prayer meetings and cottage prayer meetings got the Nazarenes going and growing.

    In 1942 a lot was purchased at the present location, 306 South Howard, and a basement church built. This was used for a little over ten years. During this time volunteers continued to work on enlarging areas and constructing the front entrance. In 1955 a “Raise the Roof Day” produced enough pledges to enable the men of the church to build a superstructure. The first service was held in the new building January 15, 1956. One of the stories that goes along with this church’s history is of the old wooden tear-stained altar used in the basement. When finishing the new sanctuary, it had such deep meaning to the members that it was placed inside the newly built altar – still a part of our church’s heritage. The basement was made into eight Sunday School rooms.

    The first message preached in the new sanctuary was entitled “Holiness Becometh Thy House Forever, O Lord.” What an appropriate text because holiness is the foundation of the Nazarene doctrine, equally as important to the day as the foundation the church was built on.

    Although many improvements have been made, such as carpeting, purchase of an organ, padded pews, etc., the same wooden cross is prominent for all to see who gather to worship, illuminating softly at the back of the podium.

    Again it was time to take another giant step in the growth of our church. In October 1976 a ground-breaking ceremony was held for a new church fellowship hall. This 40 X 55 foot addition is located at the rear of the proper church building and is complete with fire-place and kitchen. This addition was given the name Christian Life Center and is in use much of the time. It has enabled us to have a Children’s Church and hosts the annual Indianola Quiz-a-thon bible quiz for teens, plus meetings, fellowship events, and special celebrations.

    In the summer of 1984, the house and trees were cleared from the property south of the church. This space was made into a much needed parking facility and a ramp and entrance was constructed on the south side of the church.

    God has truly blessed the Indianola Church since its beginning. Fourteen pastors have ministered to the congregation and given valuable leadership. Today we still have a “live Sunday School class for every age,” a nursery, a Children’s Church, Missionary Society, Young People’s Society, Women’s Ministry, and a Bible Quizzing program for teens and children. The church serves the community as an active member of the Ministerial Association.