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    Indianola Seventh Day Adventist Church

    Indianola Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 610 E. 1st Avenue, Indianola, Iowa (now a home residence)

    History of the Indianola Seventh Day Adventist Church, copied from “Data on Warren County Churches” at the State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines, IA, film # War-56 (LDS film # 1034022)

    The only church building in Warren County of the Adventists is located in Indianola. An early group of Adventists met in the vicinity of Sandyville. They built their first church there in 1855. They later sold this building to the Sandyville Methodists in 1873. They continued to worship in various homes through the county. About 1910, a group organized and built a building in Liberty Township, south of Liberty Center on the southwest corner of the intersection of Highway 65 and the Lacona-Medora paved roads. This building served as the Adventist school and church. Mr. and Mrs. Merle TROTTER taught the school several years. After this school and church building closed, the group met in the Veteran of Foreign Wars Hall at 208 South Eighth Street in Indianola. They sold the building in Liberty Township in 1967 and it became a residence, but has since been vacant for some time.

    In 1970 they purchased the church building at 610 East First Street in Indianola from the Assembly of God congregation. This building had been built by the Assembly of God organiziation in 1950.

    Story of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, copied from the Indianola Record Herald, October 1970,,“Seventh-Day Adventists Buy Church”

    Members of the Indianola Seventh-Day Adventist Church announce the purchase of the Assembly of God Church building at 610 E. First Avenue, Indianola, Iowa. Prior to this time the members had been meeting at the VFW Hall. The church’s second meeting was held Saturday, October 10, with Elder McLEOD of Des Moines, treasurer of the Iowa Conference, as guest speaker. Music was provided by the children’s choir.

    A dinner for members and guests was served following the morning services. All remained for the afternoon meeting conducted by young people of the church. Guests were from Des Moines, Osceola, Indianola, and Lincoln, Nebraska.

    Services will be held each Saturday morning at 9:30 with Sabbath school at 11 o’clock. Everyone is welcome. At present the two churches, Indianola Seventh-Day Adventists and Assembly of God, are sharing the building until the Assembly of God congregation completes a new church.

    Members of the Adventist Church express their gratitude to members of the VFW and the Assembly of God Church for their help.