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    Lacona Christian Church

    Lacona Christian Church, 173 E. South St., Lacona, IA 50139


    History of the Church of Christ, Lacona, Iowa copied from “Data on Warren County Churches” at the State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines, IA, film # War-56 (LDS film # 1034022)

    This church was organized May 6, 1888. The church house was built during the year of 1888, in the east part of town, and was dedicated by Rev. D. R. DUGAN, assisted by Rev. M. L. ROSE. The estimated value of the church was $3,000.00, including the lot. The parsonage was erected in 1904 at a cost of $850.00, plus $350.00 for the lot, total $1,200.00. The church was moved from the east part of town to the central part of town in the summer of 1906. The total expense of moving, remodeling, furnace, lighting, etc. was $1,900.00. It was dedicated September 23, 1906 by Rev. B. S. DENNY. This church building was destroyed by fire June 16, 1933. The church was rebuilt and dedicated by Rev. Tom FOGLESONG, a former pastor.

    This church is still in use, it now has a full basement, a wall equipped kitchen and a nice dining room. Services and Sunday School classes every Sunday [in 1973] Original members were: C. H. ANGLE and wife, Dr. J. S. STARR, George HAYES and wife, James LYONS and wife, and Evelina STARR.

    Note: The original church was destroyed by fire June 1933, however; a new church was built and dedicated December 1933.