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    Lacona McClurg Chapel

    Lacona McClurg Chapel, was located at 120 North Washington Avenue, Lacona, Iowa.

    The history of McClurg Chapel in Lacona, Iowa is extracted from the book, Lacona, Iowa 1856-2006, by the Lacona Heritage Committee, 2006.

    McClurg Chapel was built in July of 1869 at a cost of $2,800.00 by J. E. McCLURG, a wealthy farmer, who lived two miles north of Lacona. Back then, the church was plush with Gothic doors, carpeted floors, chandeliers, three aisles between the pews, and an eight hundred pound bell for the bell tower. Ministers from all around came for the dedication of the church in September of 1869.

    The chapel was used as a dance hall for the area and in October 1870 the church was rented by the Lacona Methodist Church. Within five years the church was closed, and sold to Jerome DITTMER who moved the chapel two miles north of town and used it as a house. He tore it down in 1920.