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    Milo Christian Union Church

    Milo Christian Union Church, 308 South Spruce (or 112 S. 3rd ), Milo, IA, phone (641) 942-7712, https://www.facebook.com/MiloChristianUnion

    Milo Christian Union Church, written by Mrs. Daisy KNOUSE, copied from the History of Warren County, Iowa, by Gerard SCHULTZ and Don L. BERRY, The Record and Tribune Company, Indianola, Iowa, 1953, pages 119-151

    About June 1, 1913, a meeting of the members and friends of Christian Union of Milo and vicinity was held at the home of the Rev. A. C. THOMAS. It was decided to build a church house in Milo. At this time the Rev. A. C. THOMAS was pastor of three small country Christian Union churches — Plainville, Belmont and Hammonds-burg — all within a radius of five miles from Milo. So it was agreed that one large church with full-time preaching would better fit the needs of all than part-time-preaching at the three small churches. In a few days about half the amount needed to build the church was solicited. A building committee was appointed consisting of the Rev, A. C. THOMAS, William DURHAM, Marion DANIELS, Joseph GOODE and Loren MOOREHOUSE. The Rev. Mr. THOMAS made the plans and specifications. Work on the new church began about the middle of June, 1913, and was completed December 1, 1913, at a cost of $12,500. The church was dedicated June 21, 1914, at which time enough money was raised to clear all expenses.

    There were seventy-eight charter members. The Rev. Mr. THOMAS was pastor of the Milo church for seven years and during his pastorate the membership grew to 245. Most of the members from the three smaller churches transferred their membership. The Rev. P. F. MEEK was pastor for almost two years. He suffered a slight stroke and was unable to fill the pulpit for some time during the second year. It was during the next year, 1923, while the Rev. George McCELLAN was pastor that a wonderful revival was held. The Rev. Frederick COOPER was the evangelist and he faithfully preached God's word for thirty-five nights during which time 190 repentant sinners came to the altar seeking forgiveness and accepting Jesus as their Savior.

    Other ministers who pastured the Milo Christian Union church are: Floyd JONES, Hershel JONES, Leslie ROSS, Ed PARKER, Nettie DARRELL, C. C. DONAGHUE, Jake GARBISON, E. W. COLLYER, E. J. SHADY, Wayne CAULKINS and N. D. GORDON. The Rev. Wayne CAULKINS is the present pastor of this church, coming here in September from Ohio. He preaches God's word with force and love.

    During the eight-year ministry of C. C. DONAGHUE, God called five young men and one young lady into the ministry, and a young lady as a home missionary worker. The young men were Jacob GARBISON, Darrell DONAGHUE, Howard BALL, Raymond HUNTER and Franklin KNOUSE. The young ladies were Olive VAN SYOC and Edith KNOUSE. What greater reward could a faithful pastor have than to see workers go forth from his flock into the harvest field? Claude RISINGER, Ed PARKER, Rhea GARBISON and Alice VICKROY were also called into the ministry during previous years.

    For thirty-seven years this church has stood as a lighthouse to those in darkness, bringing rest to the weary and joy to the saddened, giving new hope to all those who enter its doors from time to time and hear God's holy word preached.