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    Prole Linn Grove Methodist Episcopal Church

    Prole Linn Grove United Methodist Church, 7483 50th Ave, Prole, Iowa, phone (515) 981-4062, http://www.linngroveumc.org/

    Linn Grove Methodist Church, written by Milo MORRIS, and copied from “Data on Warren County Churches” at the State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines, IA, film # War-56 (LDS film # 1034022)

    The Linn Grove Methodist Episcopal church was organized with class meetings in 1853 in a log cabin schoolhouse with Whitney ALLEN as class leader. Samuel CROW and wife, William ALLEN and wife, and Sarah ALLEN were members. The first church building was erected on the present site, four miles south of Norwalk, in 1867 during the pastorate of D. B. CLARY, and was rebuilt in 1892 during the pastorate of H. C. PRESTON at a cost of $500. In 1903 an addition was built to the church under the pastorate of C. W. PROCTOR at a cost of $2,500. A second addition was built in 1910. The present active membership Is sixty-five. The annual budget exceeds $1,800.

    Indianola Record newspaper, Indianola, Iowa, Friday, Nov. 3, 1933

    The congregation of the First Methodist Episcopal Church at Linn Grove rural community, in Warren County, Iowa was organized in 1853, but it was not until 1867, that a church building was erected, which still stands to this day, a period of 69 years. The congregation is 83 years old. Linn Grove church was included in two circuits, previous to the present Spring Hill Circuit, namely the Hartford and Norwalk Circuits, respectively. Many outstanding preachers of the Des Moines Conference have been among its pastors. A Sunday school has been consistently maintained from the year, 1856, until now, a period of 80 years. The many people that attend the different anniversary meetings from time to time, give proof of the widespread influence exerted by the past and present Linn Grove Methodist Episcopal Church.

    “100th Anniversary – Linn Grove Plans Observance,” newspaper unknown, date, (copied at the Warren County Historical Society, 2014)

    Members of the Linn Grove Methodist Church will observe the 100th anniversary of the church Sunday with special services and at the same time look ahead to the time when the dream of a new building will be realized. The church board decided to set up a building fund after receiving a $100.00 gift from Mrs. Ross SMITH of Salem, Oregon, Feb 5, 1966. With donations, dinners and a yard sale the fund had grown to $3,645.00. The Rev. Everett H. STAATS of Des Moines, district superintendent, will preach the sermon for the morning worship service at 11 a.m. Sunday and an informal service at 2 p.m. will be devoted mostly to singing and reminiscing.

    Linn Grove Methodist Church is located a mile north of Prole and five miles south of Norwalk, a short distance east of highway 28. It has served as a landmark, community center and place of worship during the past century.

    A church group was organized in 1852 under the leadership of Whitley ALLEN and met in a log cabin located on the present site of the Linn Grove Cemetery. A frame building, which constitutes the main auditorium of the present building, was erected in 1866 at a cost of $2,000.00 under the pastorate of the Rev. D. B. CLARY. It was dedicated in 1867. It was rebuilt in 1892, and in 1903, what was known at that time as the Epworth League room, was added. The church originally was a part of the Hartford Circuit which later was divided and the Norwalk Circuit formed. Since then Linn Grove has been either a part of the Norwalk or Spring Hill Circuits.

    Present officers of the church board are Dwayne WALKER, chairman; Mrs. Marvin KIRSCHER, secretary; and Gunther STARK, treasurer. The Rev. James B. NICHOLSON is pastor.

    “To Hold Final Service At Church,” newspaper article, paper unknown, date, July 1973 (copied at the Warren County Historical Society Library, 2014)

    The final service at the Linn Grove United Methodist Church will be held Sunday, July 8 [1973]. A new church will be built in August. Services for the members will be held at the Spring Hill Methodist Church beginning Sunday, July 22 and ending with completion of the new building. Sunday school will begin at 10 a.m. and the worship service at 11 a.m.. The Linn Grove United Methodist Church’s annual potluck picnic will be held at Lake Ahquabi Sunday, July 15. The service will begin at 11:30 a.m.. Members of the Spring Hill United Methodist Church are invited to attend the picnic and service.

    “Linn Grove Church Plans Consecration Service June 2 [1974]” newspaper article found at the Warren County Historical Society, newspaper unknown, date, May 1974

    The Linn Grove United Methodist Church near Norwalk will conduct its Service of Consecration at 11 a.m. Sunday, June 2. A potluck dinner and a special program at 2 p.m. will follow the service, marking dedication of the new church building. Dr. Edwin C. BOULTON, administrative assistant to the Bishop of Iowa Conference, will deliver the sermon, “Will You Also Go Away?” Dr. Kenneth METCALF, district superintendent, and the Rev. James LUSHER, church pastor, will assist in the service. Groundbreaking for the church was conducted Nov 14 with about 30 persons present. Harold ZELIADT, chairman of the building committee turned the first spade. First service in the unfinished church as Easter Sunday, with the UMYF in charge and members of the congregation wearing boots to wade through the mud.

    Other members of the building committee are treasurers Bonnie KIRSCHER and Cerrie MOOMAW, secretary Lois DAVIS, Maurine ZELIADT, Raymond and Fannie LEE, Dwayne WALKER, Patricia WALKER, Margaret KIRSCHER, Carl and Dorothy OBERENDER, Connie WOOD and Richard DAVIS.

    The church was organized in 1852 under the leadership of Whitney ALLEN. It met in a log cabin where the Linn Grove Cemetery is located. A frame building was used by 1866, with another room added later. A dining room and kitchen were constructed in 1916. The church, once served by a circuit pastor, marked its centennial in 1967, a year after the church board decided to begin a building fund. The building fund was initiated after a gift of $100.00 from Mrs. Ross SMITH of Salem, Oregon. Plans for a new structure were drawn in 1972.