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    Sandyville Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

    Sandyville Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Union Township, organized in 1874, first church built around 1880.


    The Sandyville Christian Church, written by Mrs. Leo SPURGIN, is copied from the History of Warren County, Iowa, by Gerard SCHULTZ and Don L. BERRY, The Record and Tribune Company, Indianola, Iowa, 1953, pages 119-151

    The Sandyville Christian church was first organized in 1874 by the Rev. Mr. CHEETAM with Jordan SPURGIN, Mary SPURGIN, Lucy McCORMICK and Cynthia BASSETT the charter members. The membership grew rapidly and soon a church building was erected with a seating capacity of 300.

    The building was blown down during a storm July 23, 1884, and the debris was left there for several years. Later the salvaged lumber was sold, and the proceeds set aside for the construction of a new building.

    In the early nineties the Christian church at Pleasantville sent the Rev. Mr. HICKEY to preach at Sandyville. He succeeded in bringing some of the old members together and adding several new converts, thus restoring the church. The first meetings were held in the Adventist church which was rented for the purpose until a new building could be erected in 1892. However, the church was not dedicated until December 24, 1893, under the direction of the Rev. Mr. COLEMAN.

    A number of ministers have been instrumental in carrying on the work. In 1895 J. M. LOWE conducted an evangelistic meeting in which there were ninety-nine converts. LOWE was a poet and much of his sermons were delivered in poetry. He returned several times and held meetings, once in 1910. He was delivering a course of lectures in the Johnson Bible college at Kimberlin Heights, Tenn., at the time of his death.

    E. E. LOWE was influential in the pastorate work at Sandyville. William J. LOCKHEART, one of the church's leading evangelists, held revival meetings in Sandyville, with a large number of converts. Leslie WOLF, a former minister, spent most of his life in the Philippines in mission work. He was last heard from in a Japanese prison camp.

    Walter H. SANDY grew up in the community and was an enthusiastic and staunch supporter of the church. He preached his first sermon in the Christian church at Sandyville and spent a number of years in evangelistic and secretarial work. His last rites were held in the Sandyville church. Paul LINEBACK conducted evangelistic meetings in the church in 1905 with the Rev. Mr. McLEOD as a helper. Harold E. KNOTT, once a minister of the church, became noted by means of writing a textbook on "How to Build and Deliver a Sermon." He was killed in an automobile accident while on his way from California to Eugene, Ore. A. B. KERN, an able minister of the church who "knew his Bible and knew his people," also was killed in an auto accident at Colfax, Wash. J. W. BABCOCK was the minister of the Sandyville Christian church in 1903. Other ministers who have been connected with the church were the Rev. Mr. POND who came from Australia, Rex E. KENSELL who came from Valley Junction and held a revival, STUCKENBROOK, also an evangelist, STARK, POLLY, RAGAN, HUGHES, GANN, CHAMNESS, KINDRED, Robert QUICK (from Johnston), OGDEN, Alex GROSSNICKLE (from Carlisle), W. E. LONGDON and Robert JONES. Ronald PETRAK is serving the church in that capacity at the present time.

    Among the outstanding Sunday school superintendents were Henry BASSETT, Mrs. Benton HORNADAY, Elva Sandy FREEMAN, W. V. POWELL, W. C. METCALF, Amzi BASSETT, Mrs. Tom NORRIS, Mrs. Vena HILL, Mrs. Ray NICHOLS, Lloyd NICHOLS, Mrs. Estella JONES and Mrs. Dean HUFFMAN.

    Rededication services were held on Sunday, December 19, 1943. Arthur DILLINGER was in charge of the program.

    The church was closed for many years and the building given to the Warren County Historical Society, however; at this point the building was deteriorated beyond preserving. The building has since been torn down, the lot sold, and a private residence has been built on the site.