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    1896 Warren County Businesses

    In 1896 a Warren County directory was published and give free to subscribers of the Indianola Herald.
    The publishers were Lester W. Haworth and Charles B. Little.
    This is a list of businesses that advertised in this directory.
    Transcribed by Juanita Ott

    Highland Park Normal College, Des Moines
         C.C. Rearick, Principal
    Hendrickson & Boyd Real Estate
    Leslie's Cash Department Store
    C.W. Honnold Grocery, Central House Block
    Osborne Pharmacy
    C.C. Reynolds & Co.
         hardware & farm implements
    J.E. Hime, miller
         Second St. between First & Ashland Ave.
    Cole & Connoran, jewelers
    D.W. Husted, druggist
         manufacturer of Husted's Healing Liniment
    Dowell & Neely, Summerset
    Hughes & Reeves, Spring Hill
    L.H. Braught, Medford
    E.S. Heiny, Sandyville
    Green Bros., Hartford
    C.F. Crow, Norwalk
    Mark Gillespie, Churchville
    T.F. Wright, Motor
    John Schulte, Saint Mary's
    W.N. James, Churchville
    Edd H. Young, Carlisle, funeral director
    McMurty & Bro. Carlisle, lumber
    Warren County Fence & Hedge Co.
         Phillip Sinnard, pres.; H.E. Hopper, Sec.
    J.N. Rickey Photograph Studio, east side of the square
    Indianola Banking Co.; Phillip Sinnard, pres.; John F. Schee,
         V.P.; W.G. Stanley, cashier; Directors: Nathan Schee,
         James Schee, N.O. Tate, Samuel Shaw, Lewis Schee.
    Carl McNeil, livery, feed & sale stable
    Reed and Boyd, livery, feed & sale stable; 1 block east,      northeast corner of the square.
    H.E. Hopper, Land Agent
    Brown & Lacy, lawyers
    Simpson College
         Rev. Fletcher Brown, Pres.
    J.M. Harlan Lumber
    Hewitt & Ogg, buy eggs & butter
         East 1st Ave.

    Henderson & Berry, attorneys
    Scanland & Lewis, groceries
    Ackworth Academy, Ackworth
         S.A. Jackson, Principal
    J.P. McFarland & Son, Liberty Center
    Jackson Bros., Ackworth
    Walter Waugh, Milo
    Morris & Goldizen, Palmyra
    Medora Co-operative Association
    Dr. J.H. Wilson, New Virginia
    Wallace's Farmer, Henry Wallace, Editor
    William Rook, merchant tailor, east side of the square
    E.T. Hatfield, attorney at law, Owen's block,
         south side of the square
    Warren County Bank,  William Buxton, pres.; William
         Buxton, Jr., Cashier; William Watts, V.P.;
         F.C. Sigler, Ass't Cashier   
    E.W. Hartman & Son Abstracts & Insurance,
         E.W. Hartman, H.H. Hartman
    Drs. Fellows & Fellows, 416 W. Fourth St. Des Moines
    Indianola Record, northeast corner of the square
    W.L. White Shoe Co., 506 Walnut St., Des Moines
    E.S. Heiny, Prop. Sandyville
         "Don't drive past the Big Sandyville Store"
    Des Moines Marble & Mantel Co., W. 7th & Locust,
         Des Moines