Warren County Iowa Genealogical Society



    Bob KING

    Spouse: Sandy KING
    Children: Susan, Clay, Doug, and Danny

    Source: County Conservation News, Warren County Conservation Board, Winter 1989-1990

    Friends of Conservation

    Henry Thoreau once said, "We need the tonic of wildness. We can never have enough of nature." And Sandy King, a volunteer for the WCCB, agrees with him. "There is nothing like working outdoors to bring you close to nature. There is no substitute." Sandy enjoys the solitude of country life "working outside with the company of the birds, squirrels and an occasional deer."

    Living in the country and around animals is nothing new for Sandy. Raised on a farm in La Harpe, Illinois, she grew up aroud ponies, and "herds of cats and dogs." After her marriage to her husband, Bob, they lived on  a farm in Indiana for sixteen years. Then Bob, who works for American Airlines, was transferred to Arlington, Texas. So they packed up their kids and tried city life for awhile. Four years ago, another transfer brought them to the Des Moines area and they purchased their farm in Indianola. Three of their children, Susan, Clay, and Doug, are grown now and away at college. Their fourth child, Danny, is in the 5th grade at Indianola Middle School. Sandy and Danny are both active WCCB Volunteers.

    When asked how she became involved in the WCCB Volunteer program, Sandy laughs. "I just dropped by the office to enroll Danny in camp and when I walked out I was a volunteer! The staff started telling me about the program and it seemed like something I would like to do."

    It's also a good way for Sandy and Danny to work together on projects they are both interested in. "Danny has always enjoyed nature and the outdoors. It is one way we can be involved together." As a volunteer, Sandy has worked in the office as receptionist and on several day camp projects. She and Danny have also worked on several Volunteer Days and on projects for Nature's Bazaar. When asked what she would like to see the WCCB accomplish in the next few years, Sandy said she would like to see the parks continue to be developed. Restrooms and drinking water would be nice additions to the parks. Sandy is also glad to see the schools and the WCCB working together. "It is good for kids to learn about wildlife and how special it is."

    Danny has helped to put in parking posts, raked leaves, and planted flower bulbs as a WCCB volunteer. He enjoys the WCCB day camps, the Volunteer potlucks, and the hay rack ride this fall.

    The WCCB thanks Danny and Sandy for their many hours of volunteer work. They are truly Friends of Conservation.