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    Cumming Harvest Church

    Harvest Church, 4225 N. Birch St., Cumming, IA. 50061, phone (515) 981-4321, Pastor is Rev. Thomas CACKLER. Website:  www.harvestchurchcumming.com. [previous called Cumming Community Church]

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    Information about Harvest Church from their website at www.harvestchurchcumming.com


    In July of 1892, Cumming Methodist Episcopal Church incorporated, purchased this piece of land and began building the facility that stands today. With a commitment to God, the Scriptures and preaching salvation through Christ alone, the people began serving the community of Cumming. For the next 33 years, the people gathered in this Methodist church to hear from God.

    In 1925, the Methodist Conference stopped providing pastors to the church, but the people continued to meet and hired their own pastors. For the next 15 years, the people continued to hold services and in December of 1940, the Methodist Conference sold the building to the people of Cumming Methodist Episcopal Church and in doing so, created an independent local church.

    Early the next year, in 1941, the local body incorporated as Cumming Community Church. Since then, the church joined the Evangelical Free Church of America and a few years ago re-branded to Harvest Church. Throughout our almost 125 year history, God has remained faithful to His people as they seek to do His will.

    The current pastor is Rev. Thomas CACKLER who took over in 2014. The previous pastor was Rev. Laine WILDER.


    History of the Cumming Community Church was copied from “Data on Warren County Churches” at the State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines, IA, film # War-56 (LDS film # 1034022)

    The Cumming Community Church was formerly the Cumming Methodist Church. This church was formed approximately in 1920. It was the combination of the Cumming Friends Church, the Orilla Methodist Church, and the Cumming Methodist churches.

    A history of the Cumming Community Church is copied from The History of Warren County, Iowa, compiled by the Warren County Genealogical Society, Curtis Media Corp., Dallas, Texas, 1987

    The Community Church of Cumming has a long and interesting history. The church was first incorporated in July of 1892. The main portion of the current building was erected that same year. November 9, 1892, under the name Cumming Methodist Episcopal Church, a mortgage was issued for the sum of $250.00. The property had been purchased from Abner and Allie CALLISON. Fred L. STEVENSON was pastor. Early members included were Lawrence IVENSON, Mrs. FAGAN and Rev. M. R. HAARNED.

    The church continued along until 1925 when the Methodist Conference abandoned the church. The local people continued to hold services over the next 15 years, hiring their own non-conference minister. In December 1940, the Methodist conference decided to sell the church and dispose of its contents. It seems as though there was dissension over the hiring of non-conference ministers. Our best historians tell us that a truck backed up to the door and began to load out the pews and piano. It was Gladys STANLEY who alerted Dean HAYNES to the occurrence.