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    Spring Hill North River Church

    Spring Hill North River Methodist Church, 5392 105th Ave, Greenfield Township, section 27, (previously North River Christian Disciples of Christ Church), built in 1867 and sold to Methodists in 1908), closed in 1972, still standing, cemetery is there.


    History of the North River Church is copied from History of Warren County, Iowa from Its Earliest Settlement to 1908 by Rev. W.C. MARTIN, S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois, 1908, p.310-311

    The North River Christian Church was organized in 1849 and therefore was one of the first religious organizations in Warren County. The records show that there were sixteen constituent members. The organization was effected by Thomas CASON and William P. COGAR, the latter of which was the first pastor and served three years. The church then called Thomas CASON who served for a number of years. The following pastors have ministered to this church: A. C. STORES, Elder STULL, S. O. CALVIN, David MATSON, Elder LAMB, J. O. ELWELL, Albert GODLEY, O. E. BROWN, J. R. REED, Elder BLACK, elder FITZGERALD and John H. STOVER. The society worshiped in private homes and schoolhouses for eighteen years. The Board of Trustees then consisted of J. J. BISHOP, Lazarus WHITED, Adam SURBER. In 1867 a church building was erected which cost about one thousand dollars. Since 1901 there have been no services held in this church. This is further evidence that the country church is passing away.

    Note: A new North River Church was erected in 1909, dedicated in June, struck by lightning and burned to the ground July 30, 1909. A second church was erected exactly like the first and was dedicated in 1910.